Keynote Speaker – Sharon Jakubecy

When you walk into a high-stakes situation, stress can take over and you clamp down with tension shrinking yourself.  Your nervous system is in Fight Flight or Freeze and you can’t think creatively, can’t breathe easily, you may even panic and try to hide making yourself small.  Your breath rate skyrockets and heart pounds in your chest.  You look frightened or at least uncomfortable and your body language says you are not confident.

If you’re seeking a Keynote Speaker who educates experientially and inspires with humor so your audience can look and feel confident, then Sharon Jakubecy is your choice.  With her 20 year experience coaching corporate and private clients in demanding positions to be calm and confident in high stakes situations, she will guide everyone to boldy take up space & have great posture & presence.

*Discover their powerful presence & great posture so they can confidently take up space when stressed

*Learn mindfulness practices to calm their nervous system & release tension

*Stop shrinking & stand strong utilizing body & breath awareness

*Have open relaxed body language when the pressure is on 

*Perform at peak levels and flow creatively with a resilient nervous system

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