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About Sharon Jakubecy:

With clients on Dancing with the Stars, True Blood, the LA Phil, and many others, Sharon Jakubecy Klehm, AmSAT certified Alexander Technique instructor for over 16 years, has helped speakers, presenters, and business executives reduce stress and communicate their expertise with confidence. As a body language and stress expert, she has been a featured guest on NPR, Huffington Post, Natural Solutions, Back Stage, & ProfNet Connect, and has helped hundreds achieve peak performance by giving them the tools to release harmful tension and “nail” demanding presentations, and public speaking engagements. She has coached sales teams, performed corporate trainings and has worked with companies including OCoaching, Human Coaching Learning and Consulting, Grammy School of Music, Colburn School of Music, Grifols, The LA Opera, Women in Theater, Vox Humana, and Children’s Hospitals.  Read more…

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• Learn how to change harmful tension habits. These harmful tension habits are interfering with your success.

• Tap into your clear, productive, and efficient use of your body language, voice, and thinking.

• Remain calm in high-stakes situation so you can think and act creatively.

• Manage stress effectively.

• Diminish anxiety, pain, and fear responses.

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Video Interview for with Peter Bedard.
 • Wrote “Relief with the Alexander Technique” in Fibromyalgia Aware Winter 2008 Vol. 18.
 • Interviewed for “Tips to Improve Your Mind” for Prevention Magazine.
 • Interviewed for MDNG Pain Management Alternative approaches for dealing with back pain.
 • Interviewed for Natural Solutions for an article on Women and Joint Pain.