Tips to Soothe Yourself during stressful times

With the drastic changes that have occurred because of the spread of COVID-19, our stress levels have risen. Fear and anxiety are everywhere. It’s easy to carry the weight of the world in our bodies and I want to give you “tools” to better manage this unprecedented level of pressure and worry.

I will be creating simply videos to help you release tension and SOOTHE yourself so you can feel calmer, more grounded, and more at ease. You do not want to make yourself sick with stress. You want your immunity strong!

Jaw Tension is a symptom of stress and worry. Here is my first video to help you release your jaw:

For more practices to soothe yourself, sign up for “5 Ways to Instantly Reduce Stress” to the right of your page. You will learn more about Alexander Technique and how it can help manage stress, relieve pain, and calm your nervous system.

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