Endless benefits.

Physically, of course you feel a million times better.

But mentally and emotionally–you’re on a whole new level. You look better. Feel better. Happier. Relaxed. Sexy. Buoyant. Confident. Strong. Light. Joyful. And on and on and on.

More specifically, you’ll be able to:

• Calm the nervous system.

• Relieve muscular tension.

• Project yourself with poise and confidence.

• Improve posture and spinal alignment.

• Relieve and prevent pain.

• Find better ways to manage stress.

• Increase range of motion, breathing capacity, and overall energy.

• Improve balance and coordination.

• Exude a more radiant countenance and projection of voice.

Additionally, the Alexander Technique can provide relief, recuperation, and prevention from a number of other neurological and musculoskeletal ailments including:

• Neck, back, and hip disorders.

• Traumatic and repetitive stress injuries.

• Chronic pain, auto-immune conditions, and arthritis.

• Breathing and coordination disorders.

• Stress disorders and migraines.

• Depression, A.D.D, and anxiety.

Watch this video describing the benefits of Alexander Technique from the American Society for the Alexander Technique

“After one lesson I felt so much relief from neck and shoulder pain, I immediately signed up for ten more. After getting over the shock of how much stress and tension I was carrying pretty much all the time, I’ve learned how to identify and release it without judgment – and without effort. Then my husband, who has never done one self-help thing in his life, signed up. We are devotees. It’s like learning a new language and gaining a new world.  I’ve often been told to relax; now I know how.”
Betsy Salkind, Comedian & Writer